lundi 7 janvier 2013

2012 letters stats

Hey dear readers!
I sincerely hope you're not allergic to numbers and stats, because this post is full of them! I finally got to make my stats of the year - and believe me, it was great fun! :D I love to make stats, however strange it may sounds, hehe.

So let's get the party started, uh?
Here you can see all the letters I sent (the blue bars) and received (the red bars) each month. Generally I sent more than I received (isn't it always so?), especially during the very first months of the year.

Here you can see the progress. The number of letters I sent and received increased regularly between January and the end of the summer (which is logical, as I got more penpals along the year), and then suddenly decreased from september/october on. So did my free time, actually, son here again, that's just logical. I haven't calculated that, but looking at this graph, I'd say that in average I got around 9-10 letters a month in 2012.

I also made stats about where my letters went to and came from this year:

 As you can tell, the huge majority of my penpals are from Europe. Nearly 90% of my incoming/outgoing letters didn't change continent. Then the second most represented continent is North America, and among the ~10% that went to/came from there, they all were to/from the USA. I don't have any Canadian pals.
I have one penpal in Brazil and one in Malaysia, but their letters represent really, really little of the overall amount of mail I got in 2012.

So as ~90% of my mail travel within Europe, I made a special stat for European mail, to see more precisely where it goes to/come from in Europe.

The biggest part (~20% of both sent and received letters) is from/to Scandinavia. Nothing really surprising here, as this is my favourite part of the world, as you probably already know. I noticed that along the year I got to send and received less and less letters from the North, I don't know why, but many of my Scandinavian penpals just disappeared :(
The second most represented country, are Baltic countries (~15% of both sent and received letters), thanks to my Estonian and Lithuanian penpals who're quite regular writers :) Followed by the UK (~13%), and this is quite a surprise as I didn't think I got that many letters from the UK actually! But I used to have 3 British penpals (before that 2 of them let me down *sigh*) so that must be why. I also got quite many letters from Finland and Germany, and I thought these countries would have been before the UK, but well, I was wrong apparently!

Well, I hope I didn't bore you with my stats! I just had to make this post, you know :D
I hope you got many lovely letters in 2012 and I wish you to get many more lovely letters in 2013!
Love, Tári

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  1. These remind my of my IELTS exam...I had to make an comparative analysis of a pie chart and a bar chart...

    1. Haha, I have to do such things almost everyday ;)


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