vendredi 25 janvier 2013

I've been spoiled!

I guess there isn't any other words to qualify my mail week. Literally, I've been spoiled! So much mail, everyday! My mailbox will get fat it it continues eating so much :P

Okay, let's see what I got :)

A handmade birthday card from Laura in the USA:

A bookmark swap from Germany. I love what my partner sent, and the envelope is also awesome! I love air mail *-*

Birthday mail from Ilga, Germany:
She sent so lovely things! *-* And the tea was really yummy!
A close up on the little card, I really love it <3 It's now decorating my bookshelf
And another close up, this time on the notepad, lovely as well:

Then arrived a late Christmas package from Laura (the girl who also sent the birthday card). Snoopy envelope! :D
What's inside...
The present was a little notebook and a pen :) Take a look at the notebook cover, it's lovely!
A late Christmas card (I assume it's handmade)
And finally the whole package! In the (air mail!) envelope containing her letter she also enclosed two bookmarks, a postcard and a photo. So nice!

Then it's a letter from Marita in Norway. She made me hungry with the cupcakes envelope! :P
Lovely polar bear stamp (did you know I liked polar bears?)
She enclosed a pressed flower but unfortunately it didn't survive the journey... :(

On Wednesday I got a letter and a nice birthday card from Audrey in Germany...

... and a letter from Kate in Czech Republic
Look at that fun birthday card!

Last but not least, yesterday I got late Christmas mail from Ilga in Germany! (sorry the pic is a bit blurry :/)
Take a look on the lovely notepad she sent
And the Christmas card
And finally the stamps on her envelope:

That's all for the incoming! Yeah, I told you it was a lot of mail! Now let's see what I sent out.
My new semester at uni has just started so I don't have too much work yet, so I still have quite much time to write. Which is good because as you can see, my to reply pile has really grown up this week! ;)

I first wrote a letter to Bree in Malaysia

Then to Sara in Italy

And finally to Ramona in Germany

Three letters written by me this week - a really good number for a non-holidays week. I'm satisfied with my work :)

Hope you had a great mail week as well
Love, Tári

PS: Tomorrow is my blog's first birthday so I'll host a giveaway to celebrate it. Stay tuned! ;)

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  1. You got a lot of notepads!!! I envy you :)

  2. Wow your mail is really really extra extra pretty cute lovely then ever before.


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