jeudi 17 janvier 2013

Happy birthday to meee! :D

Yay! It's finally the D-day, I can read all these letters that were waiting for me for so long! Surprisingly, I've been stronger than I thought I would be, as it's wasn't so hard in the end not to read letters for a whole month. I hid letters in a grocery bag, and this bag was also hidden under my shelf, so I hadn't the letters all the time under my eyes, and besides I've been busy lately, with Christmas, January exams, and catching up with the pending letters (those I received before I start saving letters for my birthday) So I haven't been too much tempted to open all these envelopes right away. And the waiting really was worth it, because I had the best birthday in my whole life! Look at this nice pile of mail I had to fill the 7304th day of my life ;)

First, a letter from Bree in Malaysia:
 Along with a Christmas card, because she sent it in December, when it was still time for Christmas stuff :)

Then a package from Sara in Italy. She sent a handmade Christmas card, as well as some peach tea :)

Then comes a letter from Ramona, very Christmas themed. She even wrote it on Christmas day!
There was a German sentence printed on the paper. I assume it means: "if you knew how long I needed for this you would never throw it away", though I may be mistaking as my German is quite rusty now :( Could a German speaker help me?

When I received this thick envelope from Maiju in Finland I wondered how many pages she wrote, because it was really, really fat... now I have the answer: 16 A4 pages! :D

From Nora in Norway :) I usually don't use face masks, but as she sent me one, I think I'll use it anyway.

Christmas/winter themed letter from Simona in Lithuania:
I really love the card she sent! *-*

Teresa in the USA sent me a package with sooooo many stamps on it! :O
Inside there was:
Christmas/birthday present: a pack of beautiful, vintage envelopes! Thank you so much, Teresa, I love them!
The letter was in a beautiful handmade envelope:
And finally, the letter, with the few items she included (a flyer from a bookshop, a birthday card and a sample of US Christmas stamps)

Another package comes next, this time from Andra in Romania:
The wrapping paper contains two letters sets, for a private swap we agreed on:
A postcard featuring the Bran castle (with snow, awww *-*)
And the letter, + a birthday card:

Letter from Ingrid in the Netherlands:

Finally, a package from Tanja in Germany! Her last letter to me got lost (it has never arrived to me before that a letter from Germany got lost! :( ), but hopefully this one made it here!
She sent me some letter paper as a Christmas/birthday present
and wrote her letter on beautiful winter themed paper!

Last but not least, a birthday card from my mother arrived today in the mail!
I had to smile when I saw the stamp on the envie... I used to be a huge rabbit fan when I was a child ;)

Wow! That definitely was a wonderful birthday! So I'm officially no longer a teenager now! I don't feel especially different because of that, however. But it's still a nice thought because it's been a long time since I didn't feel I was a teenager.

Love, Tári

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! This seems like such a good way to spend your birthday! I hope you had a fantastic day!
    Your German doesn't seem to be rusty at all! That's exactly what it says there.
    Oh, and I just LOVE the envelopes Teresa sent you! And the envelope she used to send them to you as well - so many stamps! It looks amazing :)
    All the best for you, may the next year be filled with love, laughter, letters good luck and friendship for you!
    Take care!

    1. Danke schön! Oh yes, it definitely was a great way to celebrate my 20th birthday! :)
      And yay, I'm glad I got to translate the German sentence correctly. I'm not sure I'd be able to build a correct sentence in German anymore, regarding that I stopped learning it two years ago already, but hopefully my knowledge hasn't all faded away! :)

  2. I am happy you got some really good great amaizng mail there so cool and fun.

  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful day, although I am sure you will since you had such an amazing start with all this lovely mail ^.^ Take care and good luck! <3

    1. Thank you! Yes, there were no better start :)

  4. Hi Tári,
    Happy Birthday! Cheers!!
    Excellent idea to keep the cards.
    I always read your blog and it is really cool!
    Greetings from Brazil,

    1. Thank you :) And nice to meet you by the way, as if I'm not mistaking it's the first time I read a comment from you on my blog :)

  5. Hello Tári:

    Happy Birthday!!! I wish you all the best to you in your adult life which officially started today :) I turned 25 last September and I didn't feel different at that time... Later, I realized I have been alive for a quarter of a century! :'(

    Thanks for sharing all those nice mail. I also read every new entry on your blog, so please, keep sharing :)

    Greetings from México,

    1. I actually don't feel different now that I'm 20 :) But a friend of mine told me when she wishes me happy birthday that I've now lived for 1/5 of a century! That sounds a lot! So I understand how you feel :) Though I don't mind getting old, I've always been an old soul :)

      Thanks for the wishes and for the compliments on my blog. That's so nice to know it interests people besides my penpals!

      Oh, and in France you're officialy an adult at 18, so I've been an adult for 2 years already :)

  6. What a beautiful birthday you had! I wish you a happy joyful year.

  7. Happy birthday! Hope you had a great day. So much birthday mail too!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, there was enough to keep me busy for a couple of hours! But that was great :D

  8. Dear Tari,
    I am new on your blog and I want to compliment you on your mail and posts and wish you a Happy belated Birthday :)
    Take care, Catrin

    1. Thank you for the wishes and the compliments! It's always nice to hear :)


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