mardi 1 janvier 2013

Happy New Year!

Dear readers,
I'm writing this post to wish you all a wonderful new year 2013! May this new year bring you much joy, happiness, love, success, letters, and anything you wish for!

(the text on the pic means Happy New Year 2013 in French :) )

Do you take resolutions for the New Year? I perfectly know I won't keep them, but I made my list anyway:

  • Schedule my uni work better, instead of always procrastinating it
  • Tidy and clean my place more regularly
  • Eat more healthy food (at least more vegetables, I already eat much fruit - I love it!)
What would your resolutions be?

Love, Tári

1 commentaire:

  1. Happy New Year to you as well!!! :D

    I don't make any new year resolutions anymore as I don't keep them anyway and only feel under pressure. Nevertheless, I have some plans for the fresh year like reading more, losing some weight and becoming fit again, writing more regularly again... :) We'll see.


Thanks for your comment! :)