vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Holidays are over!

Yes, Christmas break is now officially over, today I was back at my apartment, and checked the mailbox, finally, after two weeks away from it! There only were two envelopes in it, even if I left it alone for two weeks in a row. But I guess many people don't send letters during holidays season, and also I'm late with my replies, so that explains why my mailbox is on diet ;)

As I told you in a previous blog post, I want to offer myself one month of letters reading for my birthday, so at the moment I don't read any letters, saving them all for my birthday. So, I just took a pic of the two letters I got today, before hiding them in a bag, away from my eyes, because if I start staring at the envelopes for too long, I'll end up opening them before the D-day, which would be a pity!
Here are the pics however ;)
From Ramona, Germany. The envelope is made of wrapping paper! Isn't it a cute idea?

And from Maiju, Finland. It's so thick. I wonder how many pages she wrote... Ahhh, I can't wait for my birthday!!

And now, what I wrote this week. First a letter to Sofie in Sweden. It's not winter paper for once! She said in her letter she didn't like winter so much, so, I used a different paper ;)
And the stamp I used is a common issue for France and Sweden. I found it fun to use it for a letter that will go to Sweden! :P

And finally, many snowy pages heading their way to Ksenia in Ukraine!

I had a surprise this morning when reading the newspaper in the train: I found out that the price of stamps has raised from January 1st on! I didn't know that at all! :O It now costs 0.63€ instead of 0.60€ to send a letter within France, 0.80€ instead of 0.77€ within the EU (+ Switzerland), and 0.95€ instead of 0.89€ worldwide (all these prices are for letters up to 20g) They didn't change prices of letters up to 50g though, which I find a bit strange, but well, I won't complain! The increase isn't high, that's because in France they regularly increase the postage price of few cents, every second year less or more.
I'm curious, how much does it cost in your country to send a letter up to 20g? Has the postage price gone up in 2013?

Love, Tári

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  1. The postage price hasn't gone up in Romania for years. Luckily!
    When it comes to letters up to 20g, the prices here (for Air Mail) are:
    0.36 EUR - within Romania
    0.47 EUR - Europe
    0.70 EUR - Worldwide
    Of course, these are just approximately prices because we still use our own currency.

  2. Nice snow pages for Ksenia! And other envelopes are cute too :)

    In Russia, we had prices increasing in October 2012. Now it costs 0,53 euros to send by surface and 0.60 euros to send by air (up to 20 g).

  3. Andra, Tanya, stamps are cheap in your countries! I'm jealous :P

  4. I feel excited about receiving all those pages! ;)
    In Ukraine the prices for letters up to 20 g are like that (approximately, because we also use our own currency):
    0.2 EUR within Ukraine
    0.4 EUR abroad by surface mail
    0.55 EUR abroad by air mail
    It doesn't matter which country you're sending your letter to. I've noticed that if you send to Europe, it makes no difference if you use surface or air mail. But... 99% of my letters are over 20 g ;)


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