vendredi 11 janvier 2013

Does "to send" mean "to receive"?

Well, if it does, then I'm ready for a full mailbox soon! :) I kept on being efficient and now there's no letters left in my to-reply pile, well until I can read my birthday mail of course! Only one week left :D
My birthday mail pile grew up a bit this week, I added to letters to it, from Simona in Lithuania and Nora in Norway:
I'm completely in love with the Lithuanian stamps <3
There now are 6 letters in my birthday mail pile. And I know two others are on my way, I should get them on time. Sounds like I'll have a great letter reading party! :)

I mailed quite many letters this week, as I said at the beginning of this post, I cleared my to-reply pile! Being all caught up with my mail is a feeling I haven't experienced in ages, actually ;)
I first wrote to Reetta in Finland (she has already received it)

Then to Paula in Estonia:

Then to Audrey in Germany.
This paper with a cat (yes, there's a cat on the background, but you can't see it because the envelope blocks it) I bought to write to my very first penpal when I was 10 years old! I didn't know there still were some sheets left, I just found it out lately during the holidays while doing some tidying in my mess at my mother's. Isn't it awesome?

And finally, this week's longest letter is on the way to Almante in Lithuania!

By the way, I'm now a proud member of the League of Extraordinary Penpals!
Have you joined it too? Not yet?! But what are you waiting for?!

Love, Tári

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