vendredi 15 février 2013

Oh, this is a letter!

This actually kind of was my reaction when I opened my mailbox on Wednesday and found an envelope in it :P The last time I got a letter was on February 1st, so 12 days before, so I was starting to wonder where the mail lady had gone (yes, in my area it's a mail lady, not a mail man.) 
It still was a slow mail week for me, because the mail lady only dropped one letter in my mailbox. But while I don't received much mail I can catch up with the pending letters! My pile is starting to decrease which is a good new :)

This is the letter I got on Wednesday, from Almante in Lithuania. Love the envelope!
And the stamps :)
And of course, the letter itself :) I love how long our letters always are. Almante is one of my closest pals and I always have a lot to tell her.
She used beautiful letter paper (they sell letter paper in post offices in Lithuania, I'm so jealous!!) and she sent me two unused sheets of each design. Very nice of her! <3

As for the outgoing mail, I had a rather calm week at uni (not too much homework), so I could find enough time to write three letters (well, two, because the first one was almost all written last week already, I only wrote the last page on Saturday)
This first one is to Tanja in Germany:

Then I wrote to Laura in the USA. Funny, the envelope actually is a present from another American pal, so it will go back to its home country, hehe! I'm only realising it now ;)

And finally, a letter to Marita in Norway! Very winter themed :)

And talking about winter, finally the first snowfall arrived over here! Better late than never... I was so looking forward to it! There's nothing in Lyon at all, though (sadly), but in my village, where I spend last week end, there was at least 5-10 cm of snow overall. Awesome, isn't it :) Have some pics for you:

I love this one because you can barely distinguish the skyline, the sky almost is a white as the snow *-*

And my snowman ;) Who said I'm too old for making snowmen?? You're NEVER too old for that! :P

Has it already snowed over where you live this winter? 
Love, Tári

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  1. I love the stamps!! Great mail and nice snowman! In fact, we're never too old to do anything as long as we enjoy it! If that makes sense. Anyway I'd got your letter and will find time to reply soon. Having another test next week! :D

    1. Good luck with your test, and take your time with replying! :)

  2. I love the envelope from Lithuania! It's beautiful, and the stamps are too. Nice snowman! Looks like your snow was deep. We had snow too but it didn't last for too long, it's much warmer now.

    1. It's much warmer here too now. But at least we had snow, and yes, it was deep ;) That was just great :)

  3. Lovely incoming mail.. and even lovelier outgoing mail! :)
    It didn't snow here yet, and I really hope it won't :D

    1. Oh, you don't like snow? If you get some eventually, you can send it to me! :D


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