samedi 28 juillet 2012

100 reasons to snail mail #5

It's been a while since I last updated my challenge! So, here we go for part 5!

  1. You can write letters everywhere: in bed, in the park, in the train...
  2. From my own experience, email friendships rarely last longer than a few months. Letter friendships can last forever.
  3. I had never had so many friends before starting snail mailing.
  4. It's easier to express your thoughts on paper. Introverts, snail mail is for you!
  5. Don't you think we already spend way too much time in front of our computer's screen? Disconnect a bit, and write letters!
  6. Snail mail teaches you patience: you have to wait to get a reply to your letter, but it's so very worth it!
  7. And it teaches organisation too. You need not to be too much messy in order not to forget to reply a letter, or to loose a letter.
  8. I love when I see something and immediately think: "Oh, *insert a penpal's name here* would love that!"
  9. You're never bored at home on rainy days when there's a pile of letters waiting for a reply on your desk.
  10. Yes, emails are faster. But you enjoy your letters even more because you waited for them.
Yay, I've done the half of my challenge! I must admit it becomes harder and harder to find ideas... but I'll try to bring it to its end anyways!

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  1. C'est cool , ton blog, et ces raisons pour ecrire des lettres ♥


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