lundi 2 juillet 2012

Rain increases letter productivity

Indeed, when you can't go out, what's better than staying in your warm and cosy house and writing a letter?
It's been raining for 2 days here -and so great to finally see rain after one entire week with temperatures over 30°C! So I just kept on writing, and I was inspired, because it turned out to be long letters :)

The first is 12 pages long and goes to Jenny in the Netherlands (well, I wrote this letter when it was still hot outside, so it's a bit off-topic but I'm showing it here anyways because it's a long letter and it deserved to be pictured :D )

Then 14 pages to Tanja in Germany

And the longest in 20 pages and goes to Ksenia in Ukraine! (The envelope is already stamped because I had already sealed and stamped it when I realized I forgot to take a picture, so I opened it again ;) So typical me ^^

As you can see I tried to decorate the envelopes myself. But well, I'll never be a mail-artist *sigh* I ruined Jenny's envelope when coloring the bubbles, and I was totally lacking inspiration for Ksenia's. There's only Tanja's which I'm quite please with how it turned out. Sounds like I will soon go back to use pre-decorated envelopes...

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  1. I think your envelopes are beautiful Tari. It's always the thought that counts, and I'm sure your penpals appreciate it. :)

  2. Well I hope you'll be right Laura! Thank you by the way! :)


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