vendredi 7 juin 2013

On sunny days

Hello dear readers!
Look at this lovely sky today! 

And it's been so all week long. Great, eh? I'm not a summer and heat fan but I do like it when the sun is shining and the sky is all blue. Winter lasted extremely long this year in France (we got snow in May, can you imagine?!), so I hope it's now gone for good. I'm definitely a winter person, but I don't like it when it's still freezing in the middle of May!

Anyway. I'm not writing this post only to talk about the weather, don't worry. I have some mail to show you. Not much, but still.

I didn't receive any letter this week, but three lovely pieces of mail reached my mailbox though.
First, a adorable box I won from Make my day. Thank you so much, Bubbles, if you happen to read this :)
The "envelope" actually is the wrapping paper!
Look at this wonderful box! Isn't it cute?
A close-up on the stamps that decorates the lid
Obviously it will be used to store... my stamps! :D

Then I received a book. I'm so glad because I've been selected to be a book-reviewer! It basically means that this books has been sent to me by the publishing house for free, and what I have to do to "pay" the book is reading it and writing a review withing one month. I was so happy when I got the email saying I've been selected because I'm pretty new to book reviews writing, but apparently my texts must be good as they chose me!

Eventually, the last piece of mail was from Caddi who sent me some air mail stickers from Germany! I love air mail stickers (as well as all air mail things, actually), but sadly these stickers don't exist in France :(

By the way, she used a lovely envelope! Take a look ;)

So, thank you, Caddi! I shall send you something back soon :)

As for the outgoing mail, well, although I am on holidays I didn't write so much. Only one letter. I am in a writing mood, but I also am in the mood for plenty of other things and 24 hours in a day aren't enough! :P

The letter is to Sara in Italy, and I wrote it on my balcony, enjoying the sun and the summer-ish temperatures :)

That's all! I'll be leaving you with a song from my current favourite band. I've been keeping on listening their songs all the time for a couple of days. Hopefully you'll like it too!

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  1. Enjoyed reading your post and watching yout photos as always. :) The cover of the book which you got is BEAUTIFUL and it's simply my style.
    I wrote one letter today, too. :) And it was great to write today.

    1. The book has a great cover indeed. Now I just have to hope the content will be as nice as the cover! :)
      Actually I didn't write the letter featured here today :) It's been written between Tuesday and yesterday. I didn't write today.

  2. Did you know you can receive FREE air mail stickers? They are through New Zealand's official postal service. They cone in 2 sizes, large or small. When purchasing, you don't have so sign up, but you do need a credit card number (they won't charge you, but I think it's for transaction records).
    The quantities are very generous, so don't order too many rolls! I ordered mine a few days ago and am using them as decorations and on mail I send out

    1. Oh really? Do they send abroad too? I will have a look, thanks for the info! :)


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