vendredi 31 mai 2013

6 weeks of mail

Hello hello!
As I abandoned my blog for 6 weeks, this "weekly mail update" will be a bit special because instead of just showing you what I received and sent the past 7 days, I will show you the incoming mail of the past 6 weeks!  (and the two outgoing letters of the week, too). The unbelievable thing is that although I was owing (and still owe) a letter to almost all my penpals, I still got mail. Okay, less than I would have receive in a "normal" period, but still. I was expecting empty mailbox times, and in fact there was no week when my mailbox remained completely empty. As a consequence, my to-reply folder currently looks like that:
Scary, uh? Buuut... I am on holidays and my writing mood is back, so I should be able to make it through the pile :)

So what did I receive?
Fisrt, 12 letters :)

From Anne Mette, Denmark (someone stole the stamp! D: )
From Ramona, Germany
From Jenny, Netherlands
From Almante, Lithuania (much tea! *-*)
From Laura, USA (tea again ^^)
From Teresa, USA
From Shelby, USA again
From Bree, Malaysia
From Ksenia, Ukraine
From Destiny, USA (it had been one year since her last letter!)
From Tanja, Germany (spring themed, although it's rather Autumn here x_x)
And from Kate, Czech Republic (with many nice extras!)
My mailbox has also been fed with 3 swaps...
Bookmark swap from Tinne, Belgium
Secret Santa swap. My partner for this swap never sent the package so the organizer angeled it. Thanks again to her! (it's a bit weird to receive a Christmas package in May, but still nice ^^)
April surprise Swap from Eva, Lithuania
Aaand... last but not least, I also got two other envelopes...
One was from Aya from "Travel by postcards and letters" who sent me a package because I won her Fumi no hi project (you can read about in on her blog).
I wish I could show you every single thing she sent, but I won't, this post is long enough already! So just two pics ;)

Random little things
Envelopes, letter papers and more deco-tape
Thanks again, Aya, for all this lovely stuff! ♥

The last piece of mail, eventually, arrived today: bookmarks I received from the owner of the online bookclub I'm part of. Aren't they lovely? And she made them herself!

Now for the outgoing mail... As you know, I was on a letter break these past weeks and I only started writing again last week-end, so I only have two letters to show:
To Michi, Poland
To Audrey, Germany
You made it through this post? Hehe, congrats!! I hope I didn't bore you to death will all these pics ;) 

Have a lovely week-end and see you soon
Love, Tári

PS: Just a little reminder that from July Google Friend Connect will stop working, so if you want to continue being updated of what's happening on my blog, don't forget to follow me with Bloglovin'

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  1. Salut! :) There is a lot of letters waiting for your answer, indeed but I bet you wouldnt enjoy replying them as much as you do after your break! :) Your photos are great and it was pure pleasure to watch them! :) I'm going to post something on my blog either. I'm happy because my "therapy" seems to work for me. I didnt write any letter today! Phew :) But to be honest it was hard. :P
    Sunny hugs for you!

    1. Oh yes, now I'm in a writing mood and even if I'll probably never come back to the fast writing pacing I had last year (I remember last summer I was writing one or even two letters a day!) I'll enjoy writing all these letters, slowly but surely!

      You'll enjoy writing letters even more after your "therapy" I guess :)

      And thanks for the sun, we really need it here as it keeps on raining... :)

  2. Great mail! And wow, so many letters to reply to! I hope you don't get stressed by it. ;)

    1. Yeah, I don't even dare counting them! But I don't feel that stressed, my penpals already proved they were patient people :)

  3. Oh, that looks lovely! The package from Aya looks great! I also won but haven't received anything so far - but I also noticed that Aya hasn't updated her blog in quite a long time, so I hope everything is okay with her..
    Have fun answering all these letters!

    1. She included a quick letter in her package in which she said she's been busy lately with her removal, her wedding and her job. You should get your package soon too!

  4. Really good great fun cool mail you got there.

  5. Great to see the letters you have.

    Like you, I do sometimes don't get to post in my blog just how I wanted to... ehhehe

    1. In fact I let my blog down lately because I wanted to step back from the penpalling world for a little while... But now I'm glad to be back! ;)

  6. I can say the same about your penpals! :) I love reading your blog and seeing all of those great pictures. And I'm glad that we found each other on this blog's world :)

    I hope so!! :) Thank you!

    1. I really like your blog too, even if it's still a "young" one. And too bad I'm not looking for any new penpal, otherwise I'd have asked you to write with me! But we have our blogs to stay in touch ;)

  7. Sure... I need to establish my connection with pals, as well and it wouldnt be responsible to a new pals. :) But I'm glad we can stay in touch via our blogs :)

  8. Coming back to your blog I was wondering which designs the Washi tapes you got are :) (Oh, and I absolutely adore the ones with the clothes-pins or however they are called in English)
    I already said so on my blog: If you send me your address to caddipenpal (at) I can at least send you airmail labels from Germany :)
    Take care!
    (oh, a PS: Could you change your comment section so that one doesn't have to type in these words to confirm one's not a robot? That would be great!)

    1. I love this washi tape too! Did you get the same designs as I did? ;)
      Oh, that'd be great! I'll send you my address. Tell me what you'd like to get in exchange!

      Sure, I can change the comment section, but if I remove these words, then I'll have to moderate comments in order to avoid spams.


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