lundi 27 mai 2013

I'm alive!

Hello folks! Do you remember me? It's been a while since I last posted here. The reason is that I decided to take a break from the whole penpalling thing a little over a month ago. I really had too much pressure on my shoulders because of uni work - I had to write my thesis, take all exams, and work on two groups projects. So, as you can guess, much work and much stress, and on top of that, my constantly growing pile of to-reply mail added to the stress I was already feeling. I obliged myself to write every time I had a free minute and in the end I was starting to consider penpalling as a duty, which definitely isn't the way it should be, don't you agree? I therefore came to the conclusion that I'd rather completely stop penpalling until I am in a writing mood again. Luckily, I have very understanding penpals who supported me all way through. Thank you my dear friends, if you ever read these lines. I LOVE YOU!!! *kisses and hugs* ♥

In the meantime I dedicated my free time to what I really felt like dedicating it too : that is reading - I discovered the wonderful world of books forums and online book clubs, I even started to run a blog about my readings (you can find it here, but it's all in French though), which was something I was thinking about for a while but I never went for it before because I thought I wouldn't have time to handle it... because of my penpalling activity.
I also spend much time relaxing and doing nothing, which is the best thing to do in my opinion during stressful periods - just "emptying" your brain and forget everything you still have to do for a couple of hours.
Another thing I did during my non-writing period was crafting. I'm not good at it, really, but I wanted to give my (very poor) skills a new chance. I made bookmarks for all my penpals, and I'm pretty satisfied with how they turned out to be, in fact! ^.^ When the first one has reached it's destination, I'll show you a picture. I'm also starting a new project which will be a present for my mom for Mother's Day (it was yesterday, but I'll give her her present late...) No picture again, because I'm not done with it yet AND I want it to be a complete surprise for my mother. I don't think she reads my blog, but who knows... :D

AND! The great news, the reason for which I'm writing this post, in fact, is that finally, I'm back into letter writing! I spent the week-end writing and realized how much I missed it. Still I don't think I'll become the fast writer I used to be - I don't want to ever consider penpalling as a duty again any more! I have other hobbies and I now have accepted that there's no reason to prioritize letter writing if it's not what I really feel like doing. But I'm back into the penpalling world and I'm happy about it. I couldn't live without my penpals (even when I was in a writing break we still were in contact thanks to Facebook and such social medias), they're my life! ♥

From next Friday on I'll start again with my weekly mail updates. Did you miss them? :)

Love, Tári

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  1. I know this feeling very well myself, that is why I took a break of writing for a couple of weeks at the end of last year as well. I couldn't stay away from writing for long, though, but since everybody knew I was on a break, I had the freedom to just write when I really felt like it. And I still try to do it like that now. If I don't feel like writing, I don't do it, even if there are several letters in my pile. And so far it works. :)

    I had a look at your book blog and recognized a few books (I had no idea Sebastian Fitzek was translated into other languages - I have read all his books!), but unfortunately my French is more or less non-existing, hehe. ;) Nevertheless, we seem to have a very similiar reading taste. :)

    1. You are right, it's better to write only when you feel like doing so, and I'm pretty sure our penpals prefer receiving a letter written with soul to a letter written by obligation (maybe I'm wrong, but I prefer thinking so, haha)

      Sebastian Fitzek has been translated in French! We have many of these books here. Yet the one I'm planning to read this week (Die Therapie, but you've probably recognized the title as it's almost the same in French) will be my first book by him though.
      That's nice we have similar reading taste! I had already noticed that as you also talk about books in your blog :)

    2. Die Therapie is a good one to start with. I am curious how you will like it. :)

  2. Hi Tári!
    Great to hear from you again! I checked your blog quite often the last weeks, as I always take a look at your blog to see if my letter has arrived. I guess that´s the case! :-) Take as much time as you need, enjoy your hobbies and I really look forward to discuss (among other things) the latest Eurovision Song Contest with you! :-)
    Adios, Jenny
    PS1: just to be sure: I did mention in my letter you can write to my parents´ address again, right?
    PS2: my favorite Fitzek book is ´Amokspiel.´ ;-)

    1. Hej Jenny!
      Yes, your letter has arrived, but it did when I was on a break so I didn't upload a picture here. Thank you, I really liked the little cards ;)
      Don't worry, you did mention that in your letter and I won't forget :)
      And thanks for the advice! I'll check if I can find it at the local library.
      Rainy hugs from France

  3. Reading this post I felt as I'm reading my own thoughts... And this is exactly what I needed to talk over with Nina today :) So high five, Maude! I will follow your blog. :)

    1. Always nice to find like-minded people! Welcome to my blog Edii then! ;)

  4. Happy to hear your beack in panpaling world :)
    But it is tru other things are also nice to do, and you needed to make time for it :)
    welcome back :p


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