mercredi 15 août 2012

Envelopes party!

I'm still in the mood for making envelopes, and then I realized that the free magazine I took at the railway station in Geneva was perfect for making envelopes. It has nice pics, and the paper isn't too thin, so, as I said, perfect ^^

Look out :)

Some of them I already know whom I'll send them to.
This one shows a market in Zurich so it'll be for my Dutch penpal Jenny because she's half Swiss and born in Zurich.

This one, with a train on the back, will be for my lovely Almante from Lithuania, because I know she loves trains

And this one is not exactly made of a magazine page, but I cut a pic in this magazine and glued it on an envelope which will be for my Ukrainian pal Ksenia, because I know she has a weakness for old trains

Tell me, do you like them? And for my penpals, if there's one you'd like me to send your next letter in, just tell me! Your wish will be my command! :D

6 commentaires:

  1. I love then all, but I particularly like the black and white envelope in the third picture... I really love black and white envelopes for some reason xD

  2. Oh, you know me so well. They are gorgeous *v*

  3. Tari must've had a great fun :3

  4. Really love the post cards there is so many.

  5. Jennifer, the black&white one is for you then!

    Almante, I instantly think it'd be the perfect envelope for you when I saw this page on the magazine! ^^

    Michi, yes, I had great fun, hehe!

    Sammybongo, they're not postcards, they're envelopes! XD

  6. I love them all... Particularly i wish to use black and white for Gift Card envelopes.


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