vendredi 17 août 2012

Mail is piling up again! :)

Got to check the mailbox again - just on the right time, I wrote the last letter in my pile yesterday! I'll make a post about my outgoing letters either later today or tomorrow. I was needed something new to write, and wasn't disappointed when opening my mailbox! 8 letters were there (plus two postcards but it doesn't count as they won't bring me something new to write ^^)

So, let's have a look at all these letters, okay?
First is from Bree in Malaysia, a letter I thought has got lost. But finally, it hasn't :) I like when the story ends this way! I'm still wondering what happened to this poor piece of mail though, it seems to have a little suffered in its journey D:
She included a little bookmark (I think it's one, at least I will use it as a bookmark! XD), and little tourists informations about her city, very interesting.
And, as I won a giveaway on her blog some time ago, she sent me the items I won along with her letter. Cute envelopes, and two sets of stickers :)

Second is a beautiful (as always!) letter from Michi. Look at her awesome fairies drawings on the envelope!
There were some fairies drawn on the paper too *-* And she also sent me a postcard, some tea, and a list of her latest likes, which I really enjoy! It's a good idea of something to send along with a letter ^^

Then, a letter from Teresa in the USA. Such a nice envelope, look out!
Her handwriting is always so tiny, but I love it! :)
And, look at her funny "Ice Age" drawing at the end of her letter!

From Andra in Romania then, a pink Winnie the Pooh letter :)
I loved the stamp ^-^

And then comes a letter from my Ukrainian pal Ksenia, with the latest Ukrainian Europa stamp, as she promised me.
Long and very interesting letter, as always. The bunny on the envelope is so cute!

Letter from Sille in Estonia, with a tea :)

A cute letter from Emmi in Finland :) I liked the owl and the mermaid sticker on the envelope.

And last but not least, letter from my German pal Ramona! Our letters are becoming longer and longer, which I love.

So, now I'll give my wrist a little break because I've been writing a lot this last week, but soon I'll start working having fun again!

With love, Tári

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  1. That Romanian stamp is awesome, such pretty incoming mail ^.^

  2. I love your letters you got. So very pretty looking each one of them. I also love the bunny very much too. Happy you got a good mail day.

  3. Thank goodness! I thought it got lost too :( and now I'm really glad! :)


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