samedi 18 août 2012

When the spirit of write moves me...

then I am super productive! After a little period when I wasn't in the mood to write really, the writing spirit came back to me, finally, and I wrote, wrote and wrote again, all the week long. There were 7 letters waiting for a reply on my pile, I wrote them all. In one week. 7 letters in one week, that's quite a high productivity rate, don't you think?

I first wrote a letter to Teja in Slovenia, I tried several times to decorate the envelope myself but couldn't do anything good, so I ended up picking one of the envelopes I ordered recently:

For this letter to my penpal Klaudija in Lithuania I decorate the paper myself with a drawing like this one on each page:

Then it was Marita from Norway's turn...

During my "in the mood for making envelopes" period I designed some air mail envies, they will fly to Tanja in Germany and Shelby in the USA:

Air mail again, but paper this time! To Kate in the Czech Republic:

I was somehow running out of ideas for this envelope! :< Hope Jennifer will like it anyways!

So that was my latest outgoing mail! Nice bunch of letters isn't it? :)

Love, Tári

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  1. Heh of course I like it, very pretty :) Can't wait to get it!

  2. It happens to me as well. There are times when I can't write anything and then one day I wake up and answer 5 letters. It's funny how my moods change... :)

  3. It happens to every letter writer I guess. Everyone has its ups and downs... :)


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