vendredi 3 août 2012

Story of postcards

I received quite a lot of postcards lately, first because I took part in a postcard exchange event on Facebook, and also because I got some from my penpals as well. So I thought I could make a post to show all these cards, because, well, why not! :)

These ones are from München (Germany), Helsinki (Finland), and, my absolute favourite: the Northern Lights (from Finland too)

Then from Norway and the USA

And from Moscow (Russia), and from two Belorussian cities, I don't know which ones, though

That's all for the exchange (though I'm expecting some other postcards, but they're really late now, maybe they got lost in the way T.T)

Now cards from my penpals:
This one is from Teresa, she was on a trip in Morocco:

From Elisabeth, in Norway. Norwegian nature always is sooooo beautiful! Whenever I see a Norwegian pic it makes me think I so want to go there!

Two cards, one is from Jenny in the Netherlands, she sent me this card to give me some news because she'll be late to reply my letter. The second is from my new penpal Kate from Czech Republic, she sent this card along with her first letter to me:

And the last one is a card I won on a giveaway hosted by Resuri quite long ago, I thought it had got lost in the mail and that I would never receive it but... no, here it is! ;)

And now look at my postcard wall (or well, my postcard window shall I say!) I'll soon have to find some other place to put my postcards, hehe!

That's all for today! See you later folks~!

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