vendredi 8 mars 2013

On a letter break :/

Hello hello! 
I'm probably going to be quite silent here for a little while because everything seems to be rushing at the moment at uni, and I prioritize uni work over letter writing, so that means I'm going on a letter break from now on, till the end of my semester (in the middle of May). I'll still write, but much less than usual.
So I'll continue to do my weekly mail updates on this blog, but they will mostly be incoming mail updates, and if I don't send many letters, I won't receive many either, so there will likely be weeks with no mail at all, that means no blog post. So if you don't read anything from me in several weeks, you'll know the reason!

Anyway, this week I did receive and send mail, so, let's move on to the mail call! :)

On the incoming board, I got two lovely orange envelopes, from two lovely girls, Shelby from the US, and Michi from Poland.
Let's start with Shelby's letter. I haven't heard from her since the summer and she lost my letter when she moved so she wrote me a brand new letter to tell me about all her news. Nice to catch up! :)

As for Michi's letter, she sent me a beautiful hand decorated envelope, as always (this girl is so creative! If I could have at least half of her skills...)

Look at the little gift she included! Perfect for the book-aholic I am *-*
And a Valentine's card. I don't like Valentine's Day, but I love Michi so I love the card ;)

Then I received a postcard from my lovely pal Teresa who was in NYC for her birthday!

And today I went to pick a package at the post office, it's a swap from Germany. I took part in a "wish list swap", basically, it's: you wish for at least 6 items and the person who can fullfill them claims you as their swap partner. My wishes included (among others) pens, letter paper and nailpolish and this is what I received!
The picture she attached on the envelope was really beautiful, too:
(I actually don't like receiving swaps in pretty envelopes because then I don't want to throw them away... although I should, because there's no point in keeping them. I think I really have a hoarding problem :P )

Last week end I was still on holidays so I managed to actually write two letters before things started rush from Tuesday on:
I first wrote to Teja in Slovenia (I think it's the last time I use my winter paper this year because the weather is turning spring-ish now)

And a long letter to Almante in Lithuania!

That's all for today! Till next time... hopefully next week :)
Love, Tári

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