vendredi 1 mars 2013

Productive mode on !

Be ready, this post will be picture heavy ! I received quite a lot of various mail this week, and I also wrote a lot (yay for being on holidays !) By the way, my holidays are nearly over, I start again at uni on Monday, and I haven't seen them flying by ! Good times always run to fast, don't you agree ?

Anyway, starting with the mail, here's what I got all along the week : 

First, a letter from my lovely German pal Tanja ! On snowflakes paper, adorable <3

Then came a long and thought provoking letter from Ksenia in Ukraine. She also sent a postcard featuring Ukrainian traditional costume:

No more letters for this week, BUT my mailbox didn't remain empty either !  Yesterday I got a pen through a swap. I really love it, but it seems that for some reasons the sorting machine got angry at it. At least they ate half of the envelope and of the little not from my swap partner :(

This day there also was a package in my mailbox, containing a book I ordered online.
When I first saw the package, I thought it was from abroad (and then you had me thinking "but who on Earth could have sent me a package ??"), because I didn't recognized the stamps were French ones. In fact, they're old French ones, from the 90's. Their facial value is in francs, our former currency before we switched to euros (in 2002). How awesome ! I didn't know it was still possible to use these old stamps, actually (and I also didn't know it was still possible to buy some)
Take a closer look at them !
By the way, I know there are fellow bookworms among my readers, so I bet you're curious about what book it is I've ordered, right ? Here it is : Karin Alvtegen's "Missing". Have any of you already read it ? (if so, I want to hear your opinion about it, please !)

And finally, the mail of today : a tea swap from Belgium ! Look at the nice envelope ! 
And my partner really spoiled me (as we had to send 20 g of tea, that is to say 5-6 tea bags). I can't wait to try all these flavours, they sound delicious ! 

Now on to the outgoing mail. As I said earlier I've been really productive this week !  I've completed 5 letters and I'm even going to start a new one as soon as I'm done with writing this blog post (and with eating my dinner, too ;) )
I first wrote to Ilga in Germany :

Then to Anne Mette in Denmark :

To Jenny in the Netherlands : 

To Sille in Estonia (I wrote it in one afternoon only, my quickness even impressed myself !)

And finally to Reetta in Finland ! 

Aaaand... I guess that's all for today !  Oh, wait, I have something else to show you ! (I hope you haven't fallen asleep yet...) I re organized my letter box, moved out all the letters from ex-penpals (I could fill a whole bag with them, which made me feel a little sad, but well... my closest penpals still remain, so...), and stored all the letters from current penpals in little plastic bags, one for each penpal. 
How do you store your received letters ? 

Love, Tári

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  1. Really good great nice sweet mail.

  2. There is the bag with my letters!!!
    I am happy to see you use the tea paper I sent you, it's perfect for your handwriting.
    As for how I store my received letters, I just put them in a beautiful box, in alphabetical order. Like this:

    1. I love you letter box Andra! It's beautiful

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I like the look of your blog :)


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