vendredi 15 mars 2013

Next time I'm letter less...

... (if it ever happens!), I'll claim that I'm on a writing hiatus. Seriously, last week I informed my penpals that I was taking a break from letter writing because of my studies which are taking way too much of my time, and guess what? This week I've been literally spoiled with mail! And it's in fact always like that: when I'm lacking time for writing, I get much mail, and when I have all the time I want in my hands, I have a really small to-reply pile. Tell me, where's the logic? ^^

Anyway. Ready for the big incoming update? Let's go then!

First is a letter from Audrey in Germany:

Then came a letter from Sara in Italy:

Yesterday it was not only one but two letters which hit my mailbox! One was from Sofie in Sweden:
And the second was a long letter from Maiju in Finland!
With a Moomin stamp! *-*

And today I got two letters again! First from Olivera in Macedonia, her last letter was from about one year ago! :O But first she took a letter break when she spent several months in the USA last year, and then her letter to me got lost, and this one took nearly one month to reach me! So I was even more glad to catch up with her news! 

And finally, from Sille in Estonia!
The stamp couldn't be less Estonian ;)

And that's all. No outgoing mail this week, I only wrote half a letter to my Lithuanian pal. My to-reply folder is going to crack *sigh* 

Hope you all are doing fine, dear readers!
Love, Tári

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  1. hello hello
    i want to be your penpals. do you want?

    1. As I think I mentioned several times in my blog, I'm really behind in my letters and I'm not looking for new penpals. Sorry!


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