jeudi 6 septembre 2012

I could not help it.

Has it ever happened to you that you go to a shop in order to buy only ONE thing but end up with more than one thing in your shopping bag? I must admit it happened to me quite often. Especially when I'm shopping at IKEA. They have so much cool stuff there!
So the other day I went to IKEA in order to buy a shower curtain... and look what jumped in my shopping bag too, and I couldn't help it:
5 cards showing old stamps from 5 different countries. I really couldn't resist :p
Obviously the Swedish one is my favourite, and it's now standing on my writing desk :)
(yes, it's in a real mess. And yes, it's Interpals you can see launched on my laptop screen :) )

Talking about buying stuff, last week end I came across a shop where they sell everything for 2€. I love this kind of shops, because they sell all kind of random stuff, and it's really cheap.
So I bought a new tea cup. I loved my old one but it's starting to be completely brown inside because I drink way too much tea and don't wash it often enough >.<"
Isn't this black and white cat way too cute? :3

And I also bought some new pens, with very bright colors. Already started to use them for letters :)

Love, Tári

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  1. IKEA is a deadly place isn't it? It's like a black hole full of things that you didn't know you needed or wanted, but once you go in, you can't live without. :)

  2. Yes, that's exactly how I feel about it :')

  3. The colour gel pens! I'm so jelly :D And the black and white cards are lovely!

  4. That what happens EVERY time I go shopping to this area in Tokyo where more than 5 different nice and big stationery shops are located within the 10min. walking distance. It's just so hard not to check and see if they have new arrivals. Next time, I might do shopping with my one eye closed. lol Have a nice weekend!

  5. Five stationery shops so close to each other is like a torture! :D I believe it would be very hard for me too to resist the temptation! ^^
    Thanks, have a nice week end too!

  6. We have those cards here as well!!! I also like them <3


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