vendredi 14 septembre 2012

Finally some mail, yay!

Yay! After a week without mail at all (except a stamp order), my mailbox finally was happy today! Not thanks to the piece of junk mail it got, but thanks to this:
A package from the Netherlands, from my dear Jenny N., aka the only person I've met so far who loves Northern Europe as much as I do ;)
She went on a trip to Norway and Sweden this summer (lucky her!), and she sent me few things she collected during this trip:
The pink sheet is her trip report, and inside were:
A lovely postcard from Stavanger
Brochures from all the places she visited
Transportation tickets she used

And of course, there also was a letter ;) She wrote on really lovely paper!
And on sheets was a lovely quote I had to share:
"Love is a handwritten letter on scented paper" Do you agree? I personally do :)

So, thank you very much, Jenny, for this awesome package! I only got one piece of mail this week, but what an amazing piece of mail! <3

As it's Friday I also have to make a post about my incoming/outgoing of the week. Well, I've already shared the incoming, so I'll do another post later with my outgoing. This one is already long enough ;)

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