vendredi 28 septembre 2012

And now I'm behind...

Mail kept coming this week (I received a bit less letters than last week which was really a "mail boom", but I still got quite many letters), and on the other hand uni keeps getting me stressed and busy so it's not very good for letter productivity. I needed almost the entire week to write a single letter! (but it was LONG :D)

Okay, let's show this week's incoming :)
First a letter from Simona in Lithuania:
 I loved her little drawings to number the pages (you can see number 1 on the picture). And the stamp was lovely too! It fits perfectly with September month (back to school ;) )

Then two letters at once on Monday, first the letter from my Ukrainian pal Ksenia, that I thought had got lost (the letter, obviously, not Ksenia! ^^)

And a pink cute letter from Andra in Romania. It got a bit wet on the way but hopefully she wrote with a ball pen so the text did not disappear.
I loved the stamps on the envelope here too :)

And then on Thursday came a letter from Emelie in Norway:

Now my pile of letters awaiting for replies is 10 letters high... *sigh* I hope my penpals won't blame me if I'm late!

I only managed to write two letters this week.They're both long, however.
First is to my lovely Jenny N. in the Netherlands. On Autumn-ish paper, and I glued a Icelandic pic on the envelope because I know she misses Iceland:

And finally the letter I spent so much time working on: 21 A5 pages to Marie in Germany. I glued a Turkish picture on the envelope because she said in her previous letter that she loved Turkey.

That's all for the mail update this week! Before to end this post I just want to show a lil' extra picture I've taken last night. Enjoy ;)

Love, Tári

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  1. I wish I could have at least some productivity and reply to you, but I don't have that energy at the moment. I will soon, promise! :) - Such cute mail as well from your other pen pals ^.^

  2. Take your time, Jennifer, as you see I'm behind, so...

  3. I am happy you got some mail super fun time. Also your super lucky to have a Ukraine pal- I always wanted one so bad.

  4. Oh, my, it got wet!!! Too bad, the paper is very nice! I will put tape on the sides next time. Sorry it turned out short, it's just that...nothing has happened after Munich :(

  5. The paper was still nice, Andra! And that's okay, life is boring sometimes, I understand that! :)


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