mercredi 12 septembre 2012

Still no letters for me...

My mailbox hasn't been fed with a letter since last Saturday :( That's sad! Even though I shouldn't complain too much about it since I still have some letters to reply. But anyways, I miss something new to read! I don't like it when I find an empty mailbox for so many days in a row :(

However, my mailbox hasn't been empty everyday, because even though I haven't received any letters, I got my latest stamp order on Monday (I forgot to take pictures of the stamps before :S)

These ones commemorates the 30th anniversary of the 1st heart&lungs transplant in Europe. I found them too cute ;)

As everyone seemed to like the latest issue of Europa stamps (on theme "Visit France"), I re ordered a couple :)

I also re ordered a couple of the French stamps issue for Olympic Games, because I found them quite nice

And some random stamps I also ordered:

They should last me for one month (so till the middle of October), however regarding how fast I am to reply letters at the moment, maybe I'll need to buy some more before :S Yet university starts again on Monday, so from then on I'll probably be slower.

It's grey, cold and rainy today, so I'll probably stay at home and write more letters. Or do some cleaning. I should better do that actually! But... I'm a procrastinator and I don't like cleaning. So... I'm most likely to write ^^

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  1. We are on the SAME boat! I haven't got any mail since last Saturday :( I'm soooo bored since I have replied all my letters. And I'm going back to uni on Sept 22nd. Will be busy by then. Can you reserve one of the Visit France stamps for me, please? I like it too :3 Btw my letter should be reaching you soon! (I don't want the last incident to happen again T^T) I hereby wish it good luck finding its way to you!

  2. Sure, you'll find a "Visit France" stamp on your next letter ;) I hope your letter will arrive soon (my mailbox was still empty today though u.u)
    I wish you to get some mail soon as well! :)


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