vendredi 14 septembre 2012

Last week of freedom...

The longest summer holidays of my whole life (May 10th-September 17th - so yes, 3 months, yay for university!) are about to come to an end so in the following weeks I'll probably be less letter-productive. I'm amazed at how much I wrote this week, I honestly didn't expect to write that much! But at least I'm almost all caught up before university and all its assignments, deadlines and other kind of awesome stuff begins, which is a very good thing :)

So, what did I write?
First, a letter to Maiju in Finland (which normally should already be in her hands)

The longest letter (of the week, obviously, not of my whole "career") is for Almante in Lithuania

Then I wrote to another Finn, Sanna. As I hadn't written to her since February, I told her about everything that has happened in my life since then... and I'm really surprised about how long it turned out to be! My life maybe isn't so boring in the end :P

The shortest letter is to Nora in Norway... Do you also feel terribly disappointed when your letter turns out to be very short?

And finally, an all pink letter on the way to Laura, USA:

Phew, I really wrote a lot! But I'm still in the mood to write even more, so I think I'll spend all my last week end of holidays writing. Yay! :D

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  1. Not long ago I had to write 3 letters with what's been happening in my life for many months because post office lost letters both from me and from my penpals in the meantime and it turned out I really had a lot to tell although I thought it was the most boring year of my life with nothing happenig:) I actually noticed that since I'm writing letters I consider my life more interesting because I "list" all bigger and smaller events of my life there and they're more noticable to me:)

  2. Yeap, I also feel disappointed when I write letters that are too short.

    Your letter to Laura was written on WreckThisGirl's stationery, right? Did you buy it, or is it one of her freebies?

  3. Yes, it's WreckThisGirl's stationery. And it's one of her freebies, quite an old one actually, but it's my favourite ;)


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