mercredi 19 septembre 2012


Yes, exactly. I've been searching for hours and I still haven't found what I'm looking for :S Let me explain you my problem: I have some extra money from my summer jobs and I'd like to spend it on stationery (and also in books but it's not the purpose here ;) ) The problem is, I don't know where to buy it! I cam across several webstores but none has the kind of stationery I'm looking for D: 
So, maybe you can help me, dear reader? Tell me, where do you usually buy your writing paper?

Oh, maybe I should explain what kind of stationery I'm after, right? So...
  1. I'm not a fan of kawaii (and unfortunately almost all the letter paper shops I know are kawaii stores) Well, I like it, it's cute, but I wouldn't write all my letters on kawaii paper.
  2. I don't like Diddl either
  3. I write a lot, so I need big letters pads/letters sets. Most of those I saw only had 10 A5 sheets, when it wasn't 4 A5 sheets. I have never made a stat about how many pages my letters have in average (it would be no sense because the length varies depending which paper and which pen I use, sometimes my handwriting is bigger), however I'm sure that 90% of the letters I write are more than 4 A5 pages long. So what's the point in buying a letter set on which I can't even write one single letter?!
  4. I'd love to find paper with fairies, or seasonal themed papers. Paper with autumn or winter pictures would be great :)
Any advice for me? Thanks in advance!

Love, Tári

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  1. I shop at most of their letter sets are cartoon characters but they also have some simple designs that you might find interesting, I hope this website comes in handy :)

  2. You might want to try It's in German, but I suppose you probably know a bit of it? 100 pages (DIN A 4) for less than 10 Euros is not too bad :) You also get non-kitschy paper there. This one is for fall and has 20 pages of each design.
    I haven't bought from them yet, because I'm trying to save money right now and not spend it, but as soon as I'm ready for more stationery I will definitely try them out!
    If you have any problems with words or anything feel free to ask.
    Happy writing :)
    I think postage to France should be less than 10 Euros - still much, but better than the 40 Dollars or something from the USA that you see sometimes.

    Take care!

  3. Wow, thank you Caddi, that's exactly the kind of paper I'm looking for! I should manage with the German, I used to study it not so long ago (though I'm forgetting veeeery fast D: )
    I'll ask you if I have any problems with the language :) Danke schön!

  4. I don't know if this will help but here some sites I found.

  5. This could be a good choice:

  6. Sammybongo, thanks for all the links, I'll have a look at them :)

    Hawwa, I already know La Papierre, it's actually my favourite online stationery shop, but I'd like something new because I still have some La Papierre papers at home. But thanks anyways! :)

  7. Hi!
    I'm a brazilian girl, and I love to write letters to!
    I also have a website about that,but it's brazilian =/ I'll try to translate to english, so everyone will understand.
    I loved your blog, all photos are so pretty!!

  8. Thanks for the compliments :) Your website is probably very interesting, but I don't know a single word of portuguese unfortunately :/

  9. Two more links to have a look at if you don't know them:

  10. I didn't know these ones :) Thanks!

  11. Tari, I would recommend the following:

    I hope you like them!

  12. Thank you Andra! They're all great :)


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