dimanche 23 décembre 2012

Christmas challenge days 21-22-23

21- Number of presents under your tree

Well, let me count: so there are my present to my mother, her present to me, the presents we're going to give to my grandparents, uncle and cousins. There also are two presents (one for me and one from my mother) from close friends of our family, plus the presents we plan to give them. And finally the presents I got from my penpals: one from Anne Mette from Denmark, and one from Marie from Germany (this one actually counts several little gifts, but I count it as only one present as they all come from the same person). So, overall, that makes... *counts* 13 presents.

22- Your favourite Christmas character

Santa of course! I'm still a child at heart, I like seeing Santa figurines! There are quite a few Santa ornaments on my tree, and I love it ;)

23- Why do you love Christmas?

Actually, what I like the most isn't Christmas day itself, but the few days/weeks before, because the Christmas spirit and magic is stronger then. I love all the Christmas spirit: the lights in the streets and the houses (those which are decorated), the decorations in shop windows, the Christmas markets... Preparing Christmas is quite a lot of work, and usually I don't like spending hours in shop centres, but when it's to look for Christmas gifts for my dearest people, I don't mind, I even like that (well, when the shops are too much crowded, then I don't, though). Decorating the house is one of my favourite moments. I also love Christmas carols, well, everything about Christmas. And then when it's over, I have a sort of emptiness feeling :/ So I don't want Christmas to come too soon, in fact.

Love, Tári

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