vendredi 14 décembre 2012

I feel a Christmas spirit over here...

Yes, I really feel the Christmas spirit has come now, especially since all the mail I got this week was Christmassy :)
A Christmas mailbox, just because I felt like posting it ;)

The diet of my mailbox these days actually looks like that:

Yes. After periods with no mail at all (or so little) - like the two past weeks- it's a kind of mail boom. This week, my mailbox smiled everyday :) I haven't received many letters though, only two. But as Christmas is soon, I got quite many Christmas cards.
You want pictures now? Sure! Here they are!

First my penpal Andra from Romania sent me a package with tea and a Christmas card. She's so nice! And all the teas are so yummy!
A close-up on the card because it's lovely!

Then I received this lovely red envelope:
Look, it has Christmas stamps on it! :D
And inside was a card from my penpal Teresa!
And inside the card:

Next piece of mail is my first letter of December (yes, I needed to wait till the 12th to finally get a letter.) It's from my French friend in Germany, Audrey. She also sent a card, which I find so classy, all in black and white :)

Then came another letter (second letter of December, yay!) from Almante in Lithuania:
And oh! Another Christmas card! She said the two mice on the pictures are us. She's giving me my letter. How cute! <3

Continuing on the Christmas mail topic, look at this beautiful handmade card I got from my Finnish friend Reetta!
I've already put the decorations she sent me in good use :)
Oh! And look at the wonderful Christmas stamp on the envelope!
And the priority sticker!! How lovely!! *-*
(Okay, I should calm down now. Christmas gets me way to excited, like a 5 years old child :P)

To end the incoming mail pictures, let me show you what I got today: a card from my lovely Jenny in the Netherlands. It's a Swedish card actually, she bought it in Stockholm this summer:

That's all for the incoming mail, now let's move on to the outgoing. Unfortunately I haven't so many pictures to show you. Only one, actually.
It's a letter to Andra in Romania (yes, the girl who sent the tea package). I forgot to take a picture before sealing the envelope but you can see a sample of the paper I used on the left:
Yes, very Christmas themed letter! I hope she'll like it :)

That's all for today. Christmas break is soon so I'll finally be able to catch up with my mail, yay! Only one more exam to go before (not the easiest though). I'm so looking forward to having some free days.

Love, Tári

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  1. Très jolies lettres!

    Est-ce que je peut te demander une question? Comment on fait pour qu'il neige dans le blog? J'ai vu ça dans d'autres sites, et je le trouve très charmant!


    1. Tout est expliqué ici!

    2. Merci beaucoup! Il y a des choses intéressants...

      Je vais faire neiger pour Noël!

  2. Awsssss *v* everything so cute, christmas everywhere, dear ~ ♥

  3. I definitely will like it! Thank you :)
    I am glad you enjoyed the tea and Christmas card (I also think that collection of cards is lovely!) and I wanted to apologize for the orange tea. I bought the boxes long before I knew you dislike orange tea...

    1. Oh, don't worry, the orange taste was quite light so I didn't mind. All the teas you sent me were nice!

  4. lovely christmas cards, I love the snowflakes in your blog :)))


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