vendredi 21 décembre 2012

It's mail time!

Hej! Are you ready to read about and see my mail of the week?
I got two letters and a postcard, but I only got one mail day, as they all arrived on Thursday.
Here are the letters. I haven't read them yet, because I decided to steal an idea I read in a blog post this summer to offer me a special present for my 20th birthday: one month of letters reading. So as my birthday is January 17th, from December 17th on I'm not reading any letters. I guess it'll be terribly hard to resist the temptation to read the letters before, but the reward will certainly be worth it!
So all I can do for the moment is staring at the stamps :)
These are new Malaysian stamps for me. I had never seen them before.

I was however allowed to read the Christmas card. It's from my penpal Ramona in Germany.

I've received quite many cards so far, and as I like them a lot I decided to show them!
This board on my desk is normally used to put my favourite photos, but around Christmas time it becomes a Christmas cards board :)
And the rest of the card stand on the shelf, around my books :) (it's just a part of my books' collection, I have more at my mother's)

I also wrote two letters, but haven't sent them yet, because I don't really trust the post service during Christmas time, there are so many letters and packages sent at that period that some got lost :/  So I prefer to postpone the sending of these letters to after the New Year.
Anyway. The first letter is to Simona in Lithuania:

And the second to Sille in Estonia:

Yes, both letters are winter themed! I love winter so much, so I love writing on winter-ish paper :)

Hope you had a great mail week, readers!
Love, Tári

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  1. I see you got beautiful Christmas cards! I found a new way to display mine, and just posted on my blog, if you're interested. Merry Christmas!

    1. I'll have a look! ;)
      Thanks and merry Christmas to you too!

  2. Nice mail!:) I love that red-nosed reindeer card!:D

    1. Yes, it's really cute, and it's even handmade!


Thanks for your comment! :)