samedi 3 novembre 2012

This girl is adorable

Have I ever mentioned how much Jenny N., my penpal from the Netherlands, is lovely? If not, there here I do ;) After her trip to Norway and Sweden (my two most favourite countries in the world), she sent me a package with many brochures and stuff about her trip, and today, she surprised me with nice things again!
I received her letter today and when I picked it from my mailbox, I found it weirdly soft.
What's inside??

I love air mail things, I love Scandinavia, everyone knows that. And look what Jenny found for me: an air mail pencil case (or purse, she actually didn't know what it was exactly when she bought it :D) "stamped" in Copenhagen! *-*

And inside were her letter, plus a tea called "Autumn storm", which fits perfectly with the letter because she made a list of what she likes the most about Autumn, and asked for mine, too :)

Yes, this girl definitely is adorable <3

Love, Tári

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