vendredi 16 novembre 2012

I don't know...

...whether I should smile or cry when I find a letter in my mailbox. Really. Because... take a look at the inside of my to-reply folder:
Yes. It's full to bursting. Please, dear penpals, be patient for my replies! D:

This week I received three letters. They all were enjoyable and I was glad to hear from these penpals again, but then when I added the envelopes to the pending pile, I was like "Oh my, how will I manage to write them all on time!?"

The first envelope I found in my mailbox was from Belgium, and it wasn't a letter (I don't have any penpal from Belgium actually), but a swap. I took part in a socks swap in a swapping group on Facebook and here's what I received (I forgot to take a pic of what I sent however, sorry :/)
Look how long these winter socks are!
And on my legs:
(Have you ever tried to take your legs in picture? It's damn hard!)

The first letters of the week arrived on Wednesday: the first was from Anne Mette in Denmark, she replied my letter really fast. Of course I like fast replies (who doesn't?) but on the other hand that makes me feel a little ashamed of not being able to reply equally fast.

And the second was from Kate in Czech Republic, nice to hear from her again! Her last letter was from the summer.
She sent me a bookmark with Egyptian letters and a collection of pictures that made her smile. Very nice idea!

And on Thursday came a letter from Sofie, a girl I found through her ad on Penpal of the Week:
I love the winter themed paper with the little pingoo's! So cute :) And the stamps are simply amazing, don't you agree?

Now let's talk about the outgoing. I'm proud to say that I've been letter productive this week! Yay! I took the week end off from studying because I thought I deserved it after mid-term exams week, and besides from next week on my life will be hectic again because I'll have to start studying for final term exams already.
So during my free week end, I wrote three letters! Yes, you read it right, three!

The first one is to Ingrid in the Netherlands and it's pretty short actually -.- But she didn't ask questions in her letter and I have troubles replying letters when there are no questions in them because there isn't so much to say about my daily life, besides studying I don't do much more sadly.

Then I felt like designing an air mail envelope and the "victim" was Michi in Poland ^^ This letter is much longer, by the way!

Then on Sunday evening I wrote to Jennifer in the UK. The letter is typed but I think it turned out quite nice, I tried to use a nice font and to decorate the paper with stickers. I don't like sending typed letters, but I thought it could help me to catch up faster if I typed a letter once in a while. Plus Jennifer said she didn't mind.  Do you type your letters sometimes?

And finally along the week I wrote this 10 A4 pages long letter to my dear Almante in Lithuania. I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish it within the week, but finally I did, it went out just this morning :)

I don't think I will have so much outgoing mail to show you next week. I'm only hoping to write one letter :/ Aah, the joys of being a double major student!

Have you written a lot this week, or received much mail?
Love, Tári

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  1. Yay, congratulations for having a productive outgoing mail week! I know your incoming pile can seem a little intimidating, but I am sure you can do it :)

    1. I will do it but... my penpals will have to be patient! D:

  2. It's nice to see my letter. A forest theme!
    Let's hope we both can catch up with our mail and of course, good luck with studies. :)

    1. I'm glad to know you like the paper I used for you, hope you'll get your letter soon!
      Thanks, good luck for your studies too :)

  3. Wow, such a lovely pics! I love all the letters, but especially that winter-themed one, since I'm in love with winter!;) And what a nice pair of socks!

    1. Yay, another winter lover! :D I looove winter too :)
      And welcome to my blog by the way, my newest reader :)


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