vendredi 23 novembre 2012

Finally here it is!

Apparently I have already uploaded too many pictures with my previous Blogger account. The pics you upload on your blog are stored in a Picasa account and there you can only store 1 Go of pictures for free. To store more you have to pay and I don't want to, so I just created another Blogger account, and now I can finally upload pictures without any troubles, so here I am with my mail update! :D

Mail seem to never stop piling up in my folder :/ I hope I'll be able to catch up with all these pending letters before 2013, but as time goes by and I keep getting letters and having less and less free time due to exams coming sooner and sooner, I'm more and more doubtful about this. But okay, I still love my penpals and enjoy reading every single word from them! <3

The first letter I got this week arrived on Tuesday from the Ukraine. As Tuesday is the only day when I have time to go home for lunch, I found the letter then and started to read it asap, but it was so long that I had to finish reading it in the bus back to uni for afternoon classes :D
Needless to mention I loved the envelope - I think everyone knows I have a soft spot for air mail items :)

Then on Wednesday I got this letter from Reetta in Finland, written on lovely paper!
And look at the cute little bird on the stamp!

Finally I got a third letter this week, from Paula in Estonia:

As for the outgoing mail, I wrote two letters this week, what I'm very happy about because I really thought I wouldn't have time to even finish the first one. Yet I started to write letters in the very early morning, before leaving for classes, so this way I gained quite much writing time. Besides, now I have a good motivation to get out of my bed :) Usually it's so damn hard for me to get up, especially when I think about all the work that is waiting for me :/

So what did I wrote this week, well, first a letter to Maiju in Finland! As you can see I started using my Winter paper ;)

And this morning I just finished and posted a letter to my French penpal in Germany, Audrey. I hope she'll like the owl paper as much as I do! :)

Anyone else writes letters in the early morning? :)
Love, Tári

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  1. Lucky you, you had a happy mail at this week!:D

    But I'm sorry to hear about that picasa thing...:\ I should think about that too.

  2. I do! :) I often put the letters and writing supplies next to my bad, so I can start writing as early as 6 am without even getting up ;)

  3. Haha, I'm writing always on Saturdays with my favourite lemon and orange candies.
    P.S - you received lovely letter :)


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