vendredi 9 novembre 2012

Unexpected letters are the best.

Hello readers! It's already Friday again, so time to tell you about what was in my mailbox (many things :) ) and what left France (not so many things u.u) this week.

Let's start with the incoming. First on Monday I received a letter from my Romanian penpal Andra! It really seems her letters to me have no luck lately because her previous letter got wet along the way, and now, look how I found her new letter:
:( But hopefully the content of the envelope wasn't so much damaged.
She sent some tea! Great! Although I don't really like orange flavoured teas, I still enjoyed them. Rooibos tea always is enjoyable ;)

Then, on Thursday I got a letter from Simona from Lithuania. It traveled really fast! Mail is quite strange at the moment, most letters are delayed for some unknown reasons, but few come unexpectedly fast. Have you noticed such weird things about mail too? Or is it just the French post system which is doing weird?
Anyways, back to Simona's letter ^^ Here it is:

And today: a mail flood! Three letters! Actually when I first came back home at 11.30 am I checked the mail and there was nothing, so I thought "no letters for me today!". But when I left to attend my lecture later in the afternoon, I noticed that the slot through which the mailman put the mail in my mailbox was open, so, I checked the mail again and.... there were these three letters! What a nice surprise! Getting mail when you're not expecting it makes your day even more, don't you think?

The first of these three letters was from Sille, Estonia:
She sent me a tea I'm pretty impatient to try because it's citrus tea and I love citrus tea ;)

Then there was a pink-ish letter from my English friend Louise:

And last but not least, this black envelope from Marita in Norway I found pretty classy:
I hadn't heard about Marita since the summer, so it was very nice to find her letter in my mailbox!
She told me about her trip to Mallorca, and sent a nice card (written all in Norwegian, and I understood it all, yay!), a brochure about an attraction park she went to, plus some pics of her cat who's way too cute! :3

Well, getting all this mail is very nice, but it doesn't help shortening my pile of pending letters... especially since this week I only had time to write one letter :S
I had three exams this week, plus I had to finish my thesis project to send it to my teacher (the deadline was November 8th - yesterday), so it left me really little time for letters. Plus - is it the stress, or am I getting sick? - I am feeling dead tired although I tried to go to sleep early every day. I just hope everything will get better now that my life is going to calm down a bit.

Anyway. The outgoing letter is here, it's to Sara in Italy. It looks a little messy :S I had some troubles with the ink of my pen, and as I'm so tired I made many mistakes and needed lots of tipp-ex u.u I just hope she'll like it anyways!

I hope you're doing alright, dear readers (better than me at least :P)
Love, Tári

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  1. Wow so much stuff to see. I am happy for you.

  2. Uf, my poor letter! I will have to put tape on it next time. I didn't know you don't like orange tea, but I knew you like Rooibos tea. That is why I sent it. Sorry!

    1. No worries, Andra! You couldn't know about that, and besides your tea was still enjoyable :)

  3. Wow, lovely mail! I know how you feel though about your 'to-write' going on increasing, but not having enough time to write back -_- I hope this weekend you get to write some letters! :)

    1. Yes, I did! The pile is still high though...


Thanks for your comment! :)