lundi 19 novembre 2012

Let's say it's Sunday!

Yes, let's say it's still Sunday, because I completely forgot to post my new goals for the week yesterday! I spent the whole evening writing a letter (which I still haven't finished although I went to bed at ~11.45 pm)
But here I am now with my 4 things Sunday! And who cares it's actually Monday? :P

First, let's see how I managed last week:

  • eat vegetables everyday: done (yay for healthy food! :D)
  • write two letters: done
  • start reading all the texts I should have read for a lecture since September: hmm... I said "start", so, done! I've read two texts - over... something like twenty (ugh D:)
  • clean the bathroom: failed. 

And now, my goals for the new week:
  • clean the bathroom
  • re organize my bookshelf
  • buy Christmas presents for my family
  • continue reading these texts I should have read since September

What about your goals, dear readers? I'm curious to know! ;)
Love, Tári

2 commentaires:

  1. Re-organizing bookshelf sounds like fun:) It's the only part of cleaning that I actually like doing:)


Thanks for your comment! :)