vendredi 30 novembre 2012

November's mail

November is already over! I know I say that each time I post my stats of the month but: how time flies! That's crazy! Only one more month and we'll say bye bye to 2012 (well unless if we all die on December 21st, but I personally don't believe it at all. Do you?)

Anyway. Here's the letters that arrived in my mailbox in November 2012. 13 letters, and they actually represent my current to-reply pile. Yes, I'm one month late in my replies. And it might really get worse as I won't have time to write at all (or so little) before December 19th. Dear penpals, blame my exams for that ;)

13 letters in 30 days mean 0.4 letter per day or a letter every 2.3 days. Actually, it was more like a letter per day during 2 weeks and then almost no letters at all during the 2 other weeks. Statistics aren't always very representative of reality!

Average distance travelled: 1781.31 km
Longest distance travelled: 5848 km from Boston, USA
Shortest distance travelled: 681 km from Nijmegen, Netherlands

December doesn't start really good for me: I have a problem at my apartment, there's no more cold water. I hope it'll be fixed soon, because it's very problematic!
I hope you'll all have a nice December, with plenty of mail and nice Christmas presents for those who celebrate Christmas!

Love, Tári

PS: There's no weekly mail update today, because my mail week was totally empty: no letters received, and no letters sent either. 

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  1. Well, it's better to have just hot water than just cold water these days of the year - but still, it's problematic! Good luck with that!
    Thanks for the reminder of the Stats of the Month :)

    1. Yes, I still have hot water, hopefully! It's better than having only cold water, or even worse, no water at all! D:
      Thank you, and you're welcome for the reminder!:)

  2. Nice mail, Tari! I hope you'll do well on your exams and that you'll receive lots of Christmas mail!

  3. Nice good pretty lovely letters for November. I hope December is a good mail day for your self.


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