mardi 19 juin 2012

Mail, mail, mail! :D

Hello folks!
These last days have been totally empty regarding mail, I had no letter left to reply and no incoming mail either as I was away from my mailbox. Sad, eh?
Anyways. Today I was finally back home after staying at my mom's for a little over two weeks, so I finally checked the mail and...
Ooooh.... (my reaction when finding all these letters in my maibox ;) )
8 letters! I didn't expect so many :)

3 hours and a half and 6 cups of tea (yes, six!) later, I'm finally done with reading them all, and I can upload the pictures :)

The first is from Louise in the UK. Actually I was already expecting it the last time I checked my mailbox (a little over two weeks ago), so I was a little afraid it has got lost, but no, here it is :)
Lovely Winnie the Pooh stationery!

Second is from Laura, a new penpal from the USA I met on Postcrossing forum. Her envelope is really nice :)
The back is lovely as well :) And she has the same deco-tape as I have! :D
And the letter, written on Paris-themed stationery :) Along with two postcards from California :)

Then comes another letter from the USA:
Teresa has the smallest handwriting I've ever seen (even smaller than mine, haha!) But I love when my pals have small handwriting, because even few pages from them are long letters. Teresa wrote only 3 A5 pages, but it actually stands for the double!

A third letter coming from the USA, this time from Shelby :) I love the envelope, so funny! I assume it has been made from a cereal pack (!)
And back:
And the letter inside :) She made her pages look like playing cards!

Next one is a pink themed letter from Jenny in the Netherlands:
She includes a Belgian chocolate as well as a typical Dutch tea :)

This white envie is from Tanja in Germany :)
She used really nice writing paper, I especially like the last page, with the cat :3 And she enclosed 3 tea bags!

Another white envie that comes from France! 
Inside was a letter from Ksenia, who's not from France but from Ukraine ;) She was on a trip in Lille so that's why her letter has been sent from France :)
This is the longest letter I received over these eight ones (10 pages). And she also included postcards from Belgium and France

Last but not least, a letter from the Norwegian Marita. I love the envelope, it looks so... Norwegian! :D Sadly the paper wasn't strong enough and the bottom right corner got a little ripped off during the journey :(
And this lovely Norwegian envie was full of loveliness! Pictures of a Viking festival, a necklace and a bracelet. And a nice letter of course!
And Marita showed me how to write my name in the old runer alphabet ;)

So now, I just have to write! Let's get the party started! ;)

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  1. I'm glad to see my letter here, even though I'm still ashamed about the sticker! :D
    By the way, do you always answer your letters in order of arrival? and what if you receive a lot of letters at once, like this time? :)

  2. Don't be ashamed about the sticker, I don't mind at all!
    Yes, I always answer my letters in order of arrival. What if they all arrive at the same time? Good question! Well they were actually piling in my mailbox so the order in which I will reply them is from the one on the bottom to the one on the top (actually the order in which I showed them on this post ;) )

  3. Hooray for snail mailing parties :) I love all the mail, I also got a pal with tiny handriwiting, it's amazing :D

  4. Wow you got some really pretty letters.

  5. Thanks to your name and nickname, I can write my name in runes, too~! <3


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