samedi 23 juin 2012

I'm gonna be super busy!

Indeed, I will be :) With all the letters I got this week, I'll have amazing writing times next week! I also got 3 new letters to add to the 8 ones I found in my mailbox on Tuesday.

Yesterday came 2 letters.
The first is from a new penpal, Delaney from the USA:
Delaney is 37 years old and it's the first time there's such a big age difference between a penpal and me. But it'll be very interesting to see what our friendship will turn into! I'm so looking forward to getting to know her better!

Second letter is from Ramona in Germany:

And today I got a letter too! From another new American penpal, Yasmeen. Very pink themed letter!
And I just love the "Ratatouille" stamp she used!

I just finished to clean the whole room this morning, so finally I'm allowed to write! I was preventing myself to write a single word till I wasn't done with the cleaning. I need to have such motivation, because, well, who over here like to do the cleaning??

And here's another thing that will keep me busy on the days to come: last Thursday I went to the shop center and bought a new book! Well, I wasn't intending to buy any books, I went to the shop center first to buy clothes, but, as always when I go shopping, I stopped by the bookshop and couldn't help myself buying this:
It's Camilla Läckberg's new book "The drowning" (In French it's called "La sirène" -The mermaid). I didn't know it has finally been released in French, though I was so impatiently looking forward to it! I still don't understand how I missed it! Anyways, I HAD to buy it!
(and just saying: that's the only thing I bought. I didn't even find the clothes I was looking for ^^)

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  1. Yay! That was quick! I'm so glad you got my letter and that you like the stamps! :) I look forward to hearing from you though no rush at all!

    Have a fantastic weekend! :)

    P.S. I always love seeing the mail you get! I'm always happy to see other people happy when they get a mailbox full of mail! ^^ Mail makes everyone's days a whole lot brighter!

  2. you got really lovely fun letters again.

  3. Yes yes, keep me company of writing letters :D
    And I know that feeling when you go buying something else, but end up buying books instead.

  4. You have received the Liebster Blog award :D Check it out here :)


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