samedi 30 juin 2012

Got mail again!

I've only be away for one week but there were still 4 letters waiting for me in the mailbox this morning! Nice! I always miss my mailbox when I can't check it everyday but I have to admit it's really great to find a bunch of colourful envelopes in the mailbox. And then spending hours reading them on the couch, with a cup of tea (or several). Yes, I always read my letters with a cup of tea, even today despite the 36°C outside and 32°C inside.

Anyways, I'm not going to make this post a complaint about the weather (though I really feel like complaining when it's so hot!)
Here are the letters I found today :)

First one is from Simona from Lithuania, a new penpal I met through Postcrossing forums:

Second is from Jennifer, UK. I liked the little birds on her writing paper! :)

Then, much loveliness from Andra, Romania. She sent me a large bunch of Dutch tea! How awesome! Thank you a million times, dear! (I should search for something you'd like, too ;) )

And, last but not least, another letter from Lithuania, but from an "old" pal this time, Almante. I'm really glad her letter arrived without any problems because lately we got problems with letters to each other. Her last letter to me arrived really damaged, and mine to her took so unusually long to arrive that we both were starting to think it had got lost. But finally, all is well, that ends well :)
She also sent me a tea and a leaflet written in an approximate French (but still understandable ^^)

Aaaand~ there was a fifth envelope in my mailbox as well. A stamp order which content I will show on an other post later today, or tomorrow. So, stay tuned!

4 commentaires:

  1. Woah that's a lot of tea ^.^ Maybe I need to send you that much tea :O The birds on the paper are actually confetti from another pen pal's letter ^.^

  2. Wow you got so much tea from your pe-friend wow so lucky.

  3. Nice to see mine all fine. That French wasn't good? I don't know, I just found that leaflet on my trip to Trakai ;D
    Oh and thet THee from Netherlands is so delicious! I got it once too^^

  4. Oh no, Jennifer, no need to send that much tea, you know I'm happy with just a letter! :)

    Almante, I know it's not your fault if the leaflet was full of French mistakes! Yeah, lots of spelling mistakes, some awkward sentences and they invented a word, too :D But I understood everything, don't worry :)


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