vendredi 5 avril 2013

What's in your bag?

Today normally is the mail update day, but I have nothing else to share you mailwise than a letter I wrote this week. So, I'm going for a non related mail post today and I'll write a "mail call" when I have more pieces of mail to share.

Today's post will be about what's in my bag. I've seen this idea on several other blogs already (don't ask me which ones, because I saw this quite long ago and I don't remember at all who wrote these posts) and found it interesting, so why not sharing this myself?

So, here's my bag. It's my handbag. To go to university I use another one, a bigger one :)

And what's inside...

First, the usual and essential things: my wallet, keys, phone, umbrella and cards: the green is my student card, the blue is for train and the red for bus, metro and tramway.

Then some other useful things: pills, hands cream, tissues, train and bus schedules.

And finally some not so essential but still useful things :) Earphones, a notepad and two pencils, and the book I'm currently reading (I never go anywhere without a book ^^)

That's quite a lot of things that can fit in this rather small bag! ;) 

Have a lovely week-end,
Love, Tári

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