dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Oh happy day!

Today was a really good day :)
First, it snowed! *_*
Okay, okay, this is what I'm dreaming of. It did not get so much snow, unfortunately T_T Actually, we just had little snowflakes, so little that I didn't even take a pic of it. But, it was the first 2012's snow!! It made my day!
Have I already told you how much I love snow? ^_^

My awesome grandma finished to sew my curtains! Now my home looks a lot cosier :)

Aaand, I finally had time to finish this awesome book I started few days ago:
Haruki Murakami's "After Dark". I'm not interested in Japan at all, but this author is the exception. Love him <3

Unfortunately, mail does not come on Sunday -_-" With nice mail coming my day would have been PERFECT! :D

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